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iskn is the start-up pioneering Augmented Interaction™ thanks to its unique technology protected by 24 international patents, based on 60 years of R&D in magnetometry at CEA LETI, an institute world-renowned for micro-nanotechnologies.
iskn’s mission is to enrich the experience of and facilitate interaction with the digital world - iskn’s challenge : to bring to the digital world some of the emotions we feel using authentic objects in our daily lives, for an ever-richer experience.
The concept of augmented interaction™ came about in 2015 with the birth of the Slate, which was already able to transform a normal pencil into a digital pencil and now with Repaper. A concept that has since taken off with the recent launch of tori™, a revolutionary platform of creative and immersive games for children and families, co-developed over the past three years with Bandai Namco Entertainment, the world leader in interactive entertainment.
With a solid base in these initial collaborations in the entertainment/edutainment and creative arts industries, iskn intends to revolutionize the experience of interaction with the digital world and has great ambitions around augmented interaction.